Game on…

Lemme shed some light on my pain

Since we got ourselves a lamp to show

 Us  the  way. When  a nigga is drained,

Bitches put the blame on a paper plane,

So when I lost my pa, I was torn apart,

Figuring how I’d come in a niggasome,

It took me a few wraps to say my mind

Some crap bou my life not being aligned.

Coz I saw it go down the drain like some stain

washed off from the face of the earth by showers of rain,

Like a fly told this shit was all a lie, I looked for who to feign

To play the game.

And though I got a tip-off,

I had every reason to lip off

Bitch forgot to turn the tap off,

They  thought I could be tamed

So they opened the season to make me game.

Buh Ima poach you all and leave you maimed.

You never know who’s insane, hunter or game?

Emmanuel “A penny for my tots”


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