Stand alone

Once upon a time in this book of rhyme,

I lost my way when I tried to lead the line

On a frigging dark path I thought was mine,

Every time I came home with a knife in my back

Motherfuckers always thought I had them in stacks,

When they threw shots at me, I said “cut me some slack!

Coz you got yourself a starter pack, you think you can bla bla blab?”

They say I am black and too stale, Nigga shoo!

Coz I ain’t fake and eating their poo!!

Lord, let me grow me into something too,

Even now, they take me for a fool.

But I see the sun,

I see sun rising from afar,

Lose the binds and wave at like some star,

Get the boy, tell him he can make it home to see his pa,

The same nigga on the wrong path, the one that left his home ajar.


Emmanuel “A penny for my tots”


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