The Bookmakers

Fakeness makes me steam like this coffee I sip,

Had to spit these out after their tongue slipped,

Fought this thought for long till l I lost my fort,

Now a lost boy from the troy I was…

I rouse the cock so I’d leave with a bang;

Every trap my frenemies had strapped to my night,

I pulled the chocks on my stock and watched it slide off a rock

So I could see every one of them lurking in the horse…

For you my love, I played a song to undo my wrong,

Every memory I had of you, I replayed the part,

We ran nine laps but fell flat at the last,

Every line of every song hitting on me…

They say, I’m a stone-cold murderer living it out in the cold.

True! this nigga ain’t sane, he could live with the blame,

Every moment ever been, I have recaptured the scene

I pulled the plug on our deal so you could reveal yourself…

Emmanuel “A penny for my tots”


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