Petty Life.

I know the game,

He holds the odds,

If I could topple the pain, I would triple the gain. So I scuttled myself in this fiction of words,

Hurt myself while dribbling the pain,

In the wake of my mistakes, I had to right,

Started a blog so I could showboat my rights,

Every night of every day I’d wake up to write,

Hoping I get showered with a new lease of life.

So when a bitch told me it never rains in hell

I was left to rue with no one to tell.

 I’d used my last ace

To cover my face.

What was I gon use to tackle this phase?

You plundered from me once when you pushed me to the wall,

My mind’s enthralled on how you managed to make my heart your doll,

But I created a portrait before to remind myself I could never be far gone,

I stole a march on you before you could make a tune of me.

I am the sculptor and the raptor of words!


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