Nocturnal Animals

And when the sparrows come singing songs of you

as you hang in the balance swaying to the wind’s tune,

They will know you did no wrong, your heart was true.

You was a flake too baked

Burnt out from love tales

Stuck with her cold ways

Frozen out by those that ought to care,

Your fears laid bare as you gasped for air

coz you changed course, she thought you was a spent force… Your ties cut off…

Your only trophy sold off…

And all she could say to you was… “You know nothing, Jon Snow!”

“You tryna blow up when you could barely bear the blow”

I hate beef but if you come at me like you some bitch

Imma eat you alive, chew and spew.

Wtf you gon get a medal of whonor?

coz your dignity was called to duty?!

Bitch!!! You was gon be the mother of our king so

you could relay to him how his papa died for the bling!

Now what the fuck am I gon say to him to cover your sin.

Aww, bitch, why so serious? Let’s put a smile on that face

as I display your dirty laundry and hang you out to dry.

And I ain’t gon give no fuck who they call to blame,

 I warned your dirty ass not toy with the game.

Emmanuel “A penny for my tots”


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