All Lies

A bird once told me I’d never fly with the elite,

Her word made me yield like I was easy meat,

Stripped of my wings, I bled on my bedspread

As the lies cloned in my head, the damn meds!

Keeping me sedated so I’d never think bou the

Bling! I’d never dream, I could never gleam!

But like a candlelight claim to the inferno,

I knew my role and when the time tolled,

Like a volcano, I burst through her heart

With the pane she used to save my ass

When I hovered in the damn gallows,

So that all I heard was nigga why?

You want me to be the stitch

To the bitch who cut me up,

 And fucked me in the head

While I laid still in my bed?

They say I like to story-tell,

Keeps me energized like a Duracell,

So when I drop the bombshell on you,

No matter the flair, you could never tell!

I never blamed the bitch who choked my heart

Seconds after I spoke my heart and dished it to her,

Coz I freaked, I freaked out like a frigid fish on the beach!

Emmanuel “A penny for my tots”


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