Heartbreak Kid

When the stain hits the drain

Imma let the bees off the tree,

Ma squeeze was ma frigging booze

Coz every blessed day was a raining day.

But when she left me with a spate of shit,

Had to wipe with ma wiper then skid my feet,

I lost the chance to tie the knot coz I was high on pot

And messed the lot,

Rumbling like a frigging

Tot like I’d never leave her,

My diva, who gave me fever

When I cried her a river.

Not long ago you broke into my heart like you knew the locks,

Watching you leave this bay I can tell it was a stroke of luck!

So when I tell the tale I like to taint your play;

Ma bae took the game to me and had to flee

But she was freaking hot and hard to please!!

Emmanuel “A penny for my tots”


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