Lyrical Bants

I chose to write for a start,

They thought I was mad,

I ought to be signed,

So they tabled a deal, I never replied,

Everything a nigga did, they’re up in his ass,

I am a sad, sad nigga

Too bombed to smooth it out and give it a try,

I mowed my own lawn so I could see the mines,

Every one of them aiming to wipe out my life!

Got the drop on the nigga, you think you can fly?

On my way to the top, I thought I could thrive,

Now I am back to earth with little to survive,

And so, life strives to take me up for a ride.

Oh shit, was that all a lie?

Every shit you told me was to keep me in a file?

My God, is this how I die?

Watching my homies battle it out for the sky

Too weak to join the fight and take it up a notch,

Every shot, every scotch was to put me in binds,

The stories mama used to tell when I was nine –

The devil comes in different forms to destroy our lives

So am I the victim or the destroyer of lives?


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