My Heroine

Hold that thought while I read the plot,

Oh you were meant to keep me shut?

Like you thought you got the guts

To strip me of my voice?

You idiot!

My mind shudda been your choice

If you weren’t too myopic to notice the ruse,

So Imma give you a sec to muse over what a short fuse can do.

You done, you piece of shit?

Home niggas say I am crackbrained coz I used the rent money to

Pay for a kilo of crack. But what the fuck has a crackerjack got to

Feed his mind to lead the line if not crackers on a blank sheet?

Since I got off my meds, I like me some heroine on my bed to

Hide me in some shed while she does the fight in my head.

I am a little guy with a big heart and she knows this

Hence she gotta keep me in check coz I’m a wreck

When it all washes off to a speck!

Emmanuel “A penny for my tots”



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