The Menace

Last time I was nearly napping, there came a tapping,

These loose dreams gonna make me lose sleep???

When I do slip and can’t flip, then do I rue still?

Bruh, Imma be rapping bou my biz till I hit big

Then I can sleep deep knowing there’s no ill feel.

Homies wax lyrical about my tool kit like it’s too lit,

Sib walks in when I was doing this, thinks I am brainsick

Coz I’d to go out of the box so you could feel this!!!

“I am the kid the world pushed aside as one of those thoughts

Coz I was looking to scribble my name on her shores and

Watch a wave wash it off like a million times before!!!”

P.S I did grow up watching one of those tots.

Emmanuel “A penny for my tots”


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