Hold that thought, I got to take a piss

I’m on some lyrical shiii,

Tad satirical but a rhythmical hit,

Tropical? Yeah, got em Nigerian bit.

Trapping niggas got typical, bitches!

Trifling winks no work no more!

 Critical tits? No, whore!!

You gotta be clinical so

U ain gon post no bill,

Niggs ain trippin still

Coz we ain gettin stood.

Isa miracle, hallelujah!

I got cynical beef gains’

G’s doing publicity stunt

Wen they on charity front,

That’s criminal, yo! Pitiful!

Wtf you show us yo some good shii?

Ain’t biblical, so quote no verse,

We see you at your creaking

Gait and we fall no bait.

“Beware of Dogs!”

Emmanuel “A penny for my tots”


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