Moon after Moon

Use to moon after you, moon after moon,

I’d drool over you when the cloud looms

So you could spot the bloom miles away and run home to me,

Like you did when I swooned all day long and you came home to spoon

And I basked all night, dancing to our tune.

Now I’m awake in this place, covering my face,

Ne’er a good fighter buh Imma wrestle the tears,

The fears, the aftermath of those loving years….

They told us to play safe if we got no fail-safe,

We hit a brick wall just before we hit break,

Too late to pull brakes now we off the rails,

 A few blame and you’ve gone shades,

Left me on this highway,

Shitting bricks and throwing sticks

Awaiting life’s next trick or the next flick

That’d pull me back into the whole love circus.

Emmanuel “An Old Flame”


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