Hello, my name is Emmanuel…
I’m an aspiring songwriter, they call me a speedster… Bruh, I ain’t no trickster!
I could never keep up the act when I’m a few stars away and facing the facts…
Usually, you choose a route; life gives you the boot then tells you “Shoo…”
Leaves you on a sky-high mission to pursue yo goals.
5 years in college chasing straight A’s

Got me thinking how I’d blow up
When I got no C4 to show for.
Thinking more credits to go far,
tryna heat up,
Imma be needing more degrees
coz everyone cold out here like the chilly breeze.
And this ain’t no tease but I’d rather be on the streets of Greece
If I knew I wasn’t gonna be getting it smooth like my homies overseas.
But come sunshine, Imma be riding my luck over this hill to pay my bills
and write a smile on my mama’s face.



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